31 December 2010

My first purchase in 2011

A new handbag. All girls could not last without a new handbag in there life. If you a girl who loves their handbags then i suggest you take a look at www.tophandbags.co.uk/. They have a huge range of lovely and glamorous bags to suit everyone. From small, medium to large bags you will be sure to find what you are looking for.

These are the selection of the bags that I thought are great value and star buys. The most beneficial thing about this site is that the price range are for people on a low budget. As most bags are £10 or less. What a bargain website. However, it is a wholesale shop meaning minimum order value of £100. You could buy a bunch of these and save them as special gifts for your family or friends (birthdays, Christmas). Also, the ship your purchase on the same day you have ordered.

You know you want to take a look.. I did :)

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  1. You can never do wrong with a handbag! :D
    Thanks for passing by dear xx


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